Over the next few months, we’ll be shaping the agenda for REX 2013 — and if you’re looking to speak, or know someone who should, we’d love to know about it. Here’s the call for speakers page.

Before you submit a proposal, we want to share a few things that we think make this conference different — and why our sessions are often rated by attendees as so much better than the standard fare you’ll find at most industry shows.

We’re often asked what makes a successful speaking proposal at the conference, so below are three important tips that you should pay attention to if you’re planning to submit a speaking proposal:

First and foremost: we give strong preference to session proposals that aren’t going to be at every other industry conference. We want innovative, new and different content. We want something people can get excited about. We definitely don’t want the same panel proposals you take to industry shows — because, not surprisingly, there aren’t too many people interested in hearing the same discussions they’ll hear four other times this year at other conferences. So think about what you can bring to REX that is unique, and don’t be afraid to tell us what’s unique about your proposal.

REX isn’t “Panel-palooza:” being selected to participate as a speaker is an honor. We’ve all attended industry conferences with 10 concurrent sessions, and more than 50 discussions in a day, where everyone at the conference is somehow a speaker, too. REX is not that conference. We’re about big ideas that can move real estate forward, not panel proliferation. We want ideas that can help every local real estate professional do their job better, faster, more efficiently, with more passion, more focus and more energy. That means we have fewer speakers, and we’re choosier about who speaks.

Our format is designed to drive audience energy. General sessions featuring incredible leaders run both mornings of the event through lunch; breakouts and how-to sessions make up our afternoon sessions. This format automatically means we have fewer more speakers — but it allows us to focus on bringing in the very best caliber of industry experts possible.

Find a problem and solve it! You’ve got a cool product, and everyone should know about it. We know that many speakers have their own companies and products that they represent — and if that’s the case, you really need to sponsor or exhibit! — but as a proposed speaker or panel proposal, we want to see the subject matter focus on a critical area of problem or difficulty (or opportunity!) facing the real estate crowd. Discussions at REX need to be expansive and issue-centric: a product-centric speaking proposal is the quickest way to ensure your proposal doesn’t see the light of day.

(And besides, the best products are out to solve some large problem or meet some critical need: focus on that problem or need, and you’ll be on your way to a REX-approved discussion!)

If you have any questions about speaking at REX, we would love to hear from you. So don’t be shy and get your proposals in as soon as you can: you have until Feb 15, 2013!