If you’re a subscriber to HousingWire Magazine, you hopefully noticed something a little different about our most recent issue of the magazine — in particular, a multi-page ad campaign announcing REX 2013.

You can see the campaign right here.

We decided to do something that’s not done very often: push over the course of 9 pages one very simple message — that REX isn’t the same thing. We think it’s an important message to get out there to HousingWire’s readers, many of whom are intimately familiar with REX’s predecessor, REO Expo.

We also introduced the most awesome little robot you’ve ever seen:

It's a thing!

We’re calling our little robot The Thing here in the office right now, but that might change to Mike soon enough. (He actually looks a little bit like a certain lovable monster from a certain Dreamworks movie, don’t you think?)

Back to the message: REX really is different. We spend hours every day obsessing over what we can do that isn’t being done anywhere else — like our aggressive pricing strategy, where you can register an entire office for less than $80/person, for example. We nitpick over our content, making sure we get content that is unique to REX and not what you’re going to see at other real estate shows this year. And there is a feel to HousingWire events that is just different; because we spend so much time obsessing over layout and lighting and traffic flow and … you get the idea.

The point of our first ad campaign is to get out there so that everyone familiar with REO Expo knows that the show they’ve supported and loved in years past is getting even better. We’re doing so much more this year, and so much more differently than we ever have, we think that those who have attended REO Expo in the past — or frankly, any default or REO industry conference — will find the experience at REX hard to compare with any other event. That’s because every other default or REO industry conference is focused narrowly on default and REO; we think it’s time real estate professionals widened their gaze to build sustainable success both within and outside of distressed real estate.

Who knew one little ad campaign could have so much meaning behind it?

Register now for REX 2013 and get an early registration rate, not to mention our undying love and appreciation!