It’s time to take a deep breath and look around after so much work to organize an event like REX 2013. And the only thought I have is: it truly takes more than a village to do something special like this. It takes an entire industry.

You may have noticed that during REX we didn’t spend much time thanking everyone from the stage: for one thing, we felt most attendees wouldn’t derive value from that, and wanted the focus to be on our content instead. For another, there are simply too many people to thank. So this big, awesome letter is my attempt to thank everyone I can for helping bring their own brand of awesome into the REX world this year — if I miss something, it’s only because of the sheer amount of gratitude we all have at HousingWire.

I really should start the thank you’s with non other than this year’s Platinum Sponsor, RESAAS. Not just because RESAAS was the top sponsor at this year’s event, but because they were a true partner that worked with us before and during the event to make sure we were in sync — and because of that, it made it so much more fun and natural to move our social conversations into RESAAS during this year’s event. The idea behind RESAAS is really cool, too, and we hope everyone had a chance to watch a demo and sign up during REX 2013.

If you haven’t yet signed up, click here. You still can. And if you have already signed up: REX was just the start of your RESAAS experience. Now that you’re back at home — put some listings into the system, and see what it can really do for you!

Beyond RESAAS, we can’t thank all of our amazing sponsors enough as well. The level of support you gave our vision in our first year as a tech, marketing and social real estate extravaganza went beyond our expectations — and we hope the insanely high level of execution and engagement you saw while with us this year underscored why your support means so much to us in building the next great real estate event.

To our exhibitors, thank you as well. We’ve heard from most of you that the level of engagement in our exhibit hall was a big positive, and I know that’s something our entire events team here at HousingWire lives (and loves) to hear about. We’re looking forward to coming up with even more innovative ways to engage in the years ahead. One exhibitor in particular deserves a special shout-out, and that’s dotloop: they stepped up to the plate this year by offering all REX attendees a five month free trial of dotloop-PREMIUM for those that signed up. (That’s enough value on it’s own to more than offset the cost of attending our show right there, and hopefully many of you took advantage of this.)

To all of our speakers — from Gary Vaynerchuk, Scott Stratten, Sally Hogshead, Jay Bear and Andrew Davis to Jeff Lobb, Nicole Nicolay, Chris Smith, Austin Allison and more than 50 more professionals — thank you for your incredible commitment to a show that’s just getting started out.

To those of you that attended and supported our inaugural HW Forum on Code Compliance, the feedback we’ve received from the code compliance officials in attendance tells us they derived significant value from their half-day of education that all of you organized and led as a special event within REX.

I’d also like to thank the leaders at Corcoran Consulting & Coaching for their support this year; the leadership shown by both Bob Corcoran and Bubba Mills and their team shone through during the event, both in their engaging training options as well as in special breakouts that featured true top producers from across the spectrum of real estate.

We also want to thank all of you who were our influencers this year: Lisa Archer, Laurie Davis, Candy Evans, Greg Fischer, Katie Maxwell, Steve Peele, Tiffany Kjellander, Chris Nichols and Debra Trappen. These industry leaders helped us get the word out “at ground level” about what we were pulling together this year — helping us build the sort of buzz that has everyone incredibly excited for the future of this event and what it means for the real estate industry at-large. All of you rock!

I’d also like to thank both Amy Youngren and Ken Jenny, as well, for their amazing support of what we’ve set out to accomplish this year. I won’t get into specific details here, but I will say that this event doesn’t happen without either of these two amazing leaders.

Lastly, to all those of you that attended: thank you. We’re honored you were a part of something special this year and we hope everyone took at least one actionable item back to their businesses that they put into use immediately to start improving.

Putting on an event like this requires having vision and purpose. It requires the unwavering support of so many different people in the industry. And it requires having an incredible team that knows how to execute (you might be surprised if you knew how small a team this really is). I’m proud to say that REX 2013 was the product of all three — and the results were off the charts.

We’re really looking forward to 2014 and a host of mini-events in the interim designed to keep the discussions started at REX 2013 moving forward. See you in Fort Worth next June!

– Paul Jackson
CEO and Publisher, HousingWire
Conference Chairman, REX