Wednesday, June 5

9:00am – 12:00pm

» For VIP registrants only


Are you an REO specialist? A short sale queen or king? It’s time to start thinking about how to build your real estate business beyond just distressed real estate.

And thanks to our exclusive partnership with leading real estate experts at Corcoran Consulting & Coaching, REX 2013 attendees have a unique opportunity to learn and engage in an exclusive educational program designed to teach real estate professionals how to expand their business beyond just REO. This program isn’t offered elsewhere at any other industry event this year.

In this training session, you will learn how to transform or grow your business in 90 days or less to include Multiple Pillars (Short Sale, Traditional & Property Management). You’ll learn about the critical tools you need to implement in your business, including (but not limited to):

  • Operational Systems
  • Sales Tools
  • Time Management Tools
  • Proper Hiring Procedures
  • and Accountability Tools

These are the exact systems that have allowed Corcoran Consulting & Coaching’s clients to rank in the top 1/10th of 1% of Realtors in America. 45 of the top 250 Realtors in America are coached by Corcoran, according to RealTrends and the Wall Street Journal’s rankings.

In fact, the average agent working with Corcoran closes over 120 transactions per year with this system, and it’s not by accident. Corcoran’s clients increase productivity by an average of 47% in the first 12 months, while decreasing expenses 23%!

You must be a VIP registrant to the event to attend this course; the course is complimentary with a VIP registration. As a VIP registrant to REX 2013, you can access this course along with unique benefits delivered by Corcoran Consulting just for this event:

  • A free, 30-minute one-on-one business consultation prior to the event
  • 3 1-hour conference calls after the conference, as follow up

Together, the value of this training is over $9,000! Space is extremely limited to for this exclusive training, so don’t delay.