The best value in real estate for your event marketing spend. Count on it.

Make no mistake about it: engaging your brand at REX is a smart investment in positioning, in engagement, and in lead generation for your product or business. If you need to reach the real estate community at-large, distressed real estate professionals and vendors, Realtors, brokers and agents, your brand needs to be seen at REX.

Central US: Christi Lingard

phone: (469) 893-1492 // email:

Western US: Kyle Moss

phone: (469) 893-1500 // email:

Eastern US: Clint Tenney

phone: (469) 893-1506 // email:

Generate leads. With 2,000+ attendees all in the real estate industry, you’ll be able to get your product and/or service in front of a sizable audience. Need to reach key decision makers? No problem. Our sales team can show you how to tailor a special package that leverages your conference involvement into getting in front of specific decision-makers.

Engage customers. Because the cost of finding a new customer is 7x more than keeping an existing one, REX 2013 provides the perfect venue for you to engage existing customers in a relaxed, professional environment that suits your brand.

Build your brand. From conventional to cutting-edge, REX 2013 offers unique opportunities to build your brand: from sponsoring a “recovery kit” room drop to putting your brand at the valet counters, a wide range of branding opportunities are available.

Product education and training. If hosting a private session with existing or prospective customers is critical to generating event ROI, we offer available private meeting rooms for you to truly educate a group of professionals about your product or service.

Drive demand. Unique promotional opportunities, including branded drink tickets as well as vehicle giveways, are just some of the promotional programs available to sponsors and exhibitors.

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